Transportation Technology

What really moves people and freight


Moving freight or passengers in today's just-in-time transportation model requires automation and situational awareness on an unparalleled level. Data sources from customers, drivers, and even the engines must be fused into an operating plan which drives profitability, safety and customer satisfaction.

Services Provided

System Design

Concept of Operations

Modeling and Optimization

Technology Integration

Voice Communications Deign

Data Communications Design

Project Management


Trailer Tracking

Satelite Communications

G3 and G4 Communications


GPS Surveillance

Route Optimization Software

J-Bus Interfaces

Edifact, X.25, XML, CargoImp, IATA

ACARS, VDL (Modes 1 and 2)


Sample Projects

PBX Replacement for Brody Transportation

Mobile Comms for Yellow Freight

Air Cargo Operations Course for USMMA

Trailer Tracking for WSMR