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IDS releases new VoIP Crash Phones White Paper

New White Paper examines the viability of upgrading existing analog and digital Crash Phones with Voice over IP (VoIP) technology without sacrificing performance and still maintaining conformance with current Federal Aviation Administration guidelines.  

Organizations burdened by antiquated, existing crash phone systems can benefit from this White Paper’s discussion of reengineering such systems to include VoIP technology that can deliver resilience and survivability.  With easy-to-read graphics and a concise description of the issues, this White Paper provides a clear strategy for crash phone implementation.  The technology solution discussed in this paper and the benefits that can be derived are applicable to any multi‐party ring‐down system currently using copper cabling.

An invaluable read for any institution wanting to improve operations and reliability of their automated ring‐down systems; if you would like to learn more, please complete the form below so that IDS can forward you a complimentary copy of the White Paper today.

Below are some more examples of publications written by or about Inspired Data Solutions. We hope they will provide further insight into how we think and approach the creative use of technology in the new millenium.

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Inspired Data Solutions President, John Purnell, co-authored the TRB publication: Information Technology Systems at Airports - A Primer.  This intentionally non-technical primer is designed to be an Executive Management (CEO/CIO/COO) level document which helps the leadership team to plan for and oversee the operation of technology at airports.  If you would like a copy, please email with your request.